Valtria leads the project of Tello Group

Valtria has led the project of expansion of clean rooms in the facilities of Tello Group, a leading producer of the meat sector located in the province of Toledo (Spain). Specifically, it has installed 590 m² of clean rooms for product packaging.

The project, carried out by Valtria, consisted in the realization of the HVAC facilities, as well as the control and electricity installations of the clean rooms in the areas of slicing. Laminar flow areas ISO 5 and areas in ISO 7 classification have also been installed. The facilities meet the highest quality standards and food safety, allowing you to export to countries such as Japan, China, Vietnam, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Korea or the Philippines.

The project is part of the expansion of the Tello Group facilities, a new 67,000 m² surface plant, which has involved an overall investment of 60 million euros.

Founded in 1968, Tello Group is a leader in the meat sector. It currently has a workforce of more than 850 workers, a production of more than 45 million of Kilos and a turnover of 160 million euros, of which 35% comes from its international business. With more than 200 references and brands such as Tello, Frial, Pamplonica, Sánchez Montero and Mina.


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