Valtria continues its growth in Argentina

Valtria strengthens its growth in Argentina by hiring four major projects that have accelerated its growth in the first half of this year. Three of them are currently running.

Valtria is developing the first stage of the expansion of the Pilar Solid Plant at Casasco Laboratories. The project includes the HVAC system and civil works. For this same company, it will subsequently carry out a remodeling called “Solids III” for which it will perform the installation of HVAC, cold and heat plant, as well as civil works.

In addition, Valtria is carrying out the installation of HVAC for a new monoclonal antibody plant for the South American market for Mabxience, belonging to the Insud (Chemo) group.

Valtria is also currently developing  the installation of HVAC of a new serum production line for the BBraun plant located in Mar del Plata.

The signing of these important contracts has driven the growth of our team in Argentina that also develops projects in Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia.

In the words of the director of Valtria Argentine, Juan SubarrocaThis growth is the result of the good work that the Valtria team has done in recent years, both here in Agentina and in the other offices that have supported. The key to our company's success is our ability to work in a network, sharing our knowledge about projects developed anywhere in the world. We are very satisfied with these results and we hope to continue in this line in the future ”.

Juan Subarroca, director of the Valtria Argentina office, has recently been appointed president of ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) in this country.


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